The TVGuestpert Logo is a Seal of Approval when placed on a Guestpert Profile. It let's you know that we produced the Guestpert's demo and/or results reel separating out those on this site that have not been produced by us.


Our media development company, TVGuestpert.com, is a portal for incubating talent, products, messages, and businesses. As a media development company we produce and develop content and product within the integrity of the membership community. As we leverage the profile and publicity of our Guestperts in the media, their market value rises. this happens as a result of specific planning, growth, and development of our Guestpert clientele. As a company, we are then able to set up larger media properties for our Guestpert's in publishing, television, radio, and as a reult grow their business. 

Please take a look at out services to see how we may best be a fit for you and your business today!

Standard Guestpert Membership

Standard Guestpert Membership allows you to post your profile: biography, headshot, areas of expertise, and segment pitches (aka Hot Topics) on the TVGuestpert website. 


The quick and easy resource allows TVGuestpert's extensive network of television producers to find just the talent they need - fast and easy - all with the click of a mouse. Any producer looking for your type of expertise can instantly find you.

Elite Guestpert Membership

Elite Guestpert Membership provides all the features of the Standard Membership Profile: biography, areas of expertise, pitches. 




Inclusion in rotation as Featured Guestpert on the front page of TVGuestpert.com.

Social Media Maintenance

Crafted Pitches by TVGuestpert

Demo Tape Video Streaming - Guestperts with a hosted demo reel have a higher booking rate because television is a visual medium - meaning that Producers can see who you are and what you can do for the show. 


We will host demo reels - whether or not they are produced by us. Demo reels produced by us will feature the company logo on it for distinction for producers. 

Elite Plus Guestpert Membership

Also recognized as a "run and gun".


Provides all the features of the Standard Membership: profile, biography, areas of expertise, and pitches. 


Provides all of the features of the Elite Membership: blogging, Featured Guestpert front page rotation, social media maintentance, crafted pitches and demo reel streaming. 



Stratetegic placement/launch to reach goals in preconfirmed time frame.

Active pitching

Monthly conference calls to review pitching status and bookings.

Platinum Guestpert Membership

Also recognized as a Media Management Account.


Provides all of the features of the Elite Plus Membership.



Book Publishing Services

National Distribution

Strategic Media Management


Does not include Ghostwriting. Please contact office at 310-584-1504 for more information. 

Publishing Services




What makes our publishing services unique is that we are not a 'self-publishing' company. There are no 'agent fees.' We can turn around the publishing process of a book in under one year. We have the infrastructure to promote and sell the book, and in our new business model, we split profits with authors as a business partnership. 


Under a one year Platinum Membership Account, TVGuestpert Publishing will publish a completed manuscript for national distribution with one of our known associations, ie. Ingram or New Leaf depending on the product of the media campaign. 


Under this arrangement, TVGuestpert Publishing will pick up all of the hard copy expenses related to the publishing and distribution of the book including, but not limited to, cover design, production galley, Chicago Style Copy Editing, infrastructure to support national bookstore distribution in conjunction with a TVGuestpert Platinum Membership to coordinate and promote the book nationally.


The advantage of having your book published under this arrangement is that you get the publishing and the PR under the same roof. 



If you already have a book that is self-published, TVGuestpert Publishing will consider picking up the distribution costs of the book under a Platinum Membership.



Our Publishing department goes page by page through your book and creates your eBook for both Kindle and Nooks. We also have our author read their book in its entirety for audio book platforms. TVGuestpert Publishing will set up a new account or add to a preexisting account for all eBook and audio book platforms.

Video Production





A reel of past performances highlights is always helpful, but here at TVGuestpert, we strongly recommend showing producers not just what you've done, but what you WILL be doing when you land those bookings. Our professionally produced demo reels are not clip oriented. We script, shoot and edit brand new material and interviews that show producers exactly what you will do for them in content that is fresh and fits your brand and position you for upcoming opportunities. We can put your demo reel online; instant access for inquiring producers! As an additional bonus, we can also produce a Speakers Reel for clients who wish to explore the lucrative world of speaking engagments and tours.


On Camera Training





Once you get booked on TV, there is a whole process for protecting the integrity of your message, honoring the booking, and delivering a successful interview for yourself and the producer that booked you. And, of course, you want to be asked back! Our proactive, interactive teaching service is recommended to all clients, old and new to the camera. It's as much content delivery as it is a skillful performace. 


Join TVGuestpert for an intensive platform development workshop. 

*Learn firsthand what producers need

*How to keep your story fresh

*How news hooks keep you relevant

*The danger of being a one-trick pony

*Find out what makes a celebrity Guestpert

*Showcase yourself in this rare opportunity on camera in front of a TV Producer


Broadcast Radio Distribution



We have distribution deals with several local broadcast stations and can produce four hourly radio shows a month. Schedule will depend on several varying production details such as time slot; post production; and location.


Stations Include:

KZSB 1290AM Santa Barbara/Ojai/Montecito

WGRL Fondu Lac WI

KLAW Marshland OR

KMAZ Goldfield MN

WRUBMenominee IL

KZAB Northport WA

WGTM Townsend TN

WANF Moores NY

KPPA Mindemines MO

KKRP Cowlington OK

KTAH Frances UT

KLJS Eureka MT


KQBN Franklin CO

Celebrity Headshot Photography



Our professional celebrity photographers can transform your headshots. TVG's photographer has shot for Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Jane Lynch, Tim Robbins, Katey Segal, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Morena Baccarin, Ben McKenzie and many more.


Our starting package includes: 

Studio Photography

2.5 Hours of Studio Time

2.5 Hours Make-up Artist

Hair Touchups: Please arrive hair ready

2 Looks (1-2 outfit changes)

Headshot, 1/2 Body and Full Length

100-150 Striking Color Processed Images

1 Selected Retouched Photo within 30 days of shoot: Professional recommendation for selected money shot

Planning Call Before Photo Shoot 

Brand Vision Baord: Based on Planning Call and your image needs for your shoot day; to capture your unique spirit and business

Edited, Striking Color Corrected, and High Resolutions JPGS

Photo Session Delivered Digitally

All Usage and Printing Rights


TVGuestpert will project manage overall shoot: logistics, pre and post.

Press Kits



We have a full service graphic designer to produce a press kit that will get you booked on TV! We also help you fashion the content of your press kit/materials so that it is consistent in reflecting your overall branding message and style. Our press kits are unique to the Guestperts community and are published like a glossy magazine.

Website Design




TVGuestpert will provide full service web design to keep it all within your branding. We realized early on that we were bringing to the table amazing television appearances that were not translating to business for the Guestpert. We came to find out that many websites were actually web-pages that didn't provide or collect data needed to build a media platform. TVGuestpert's own IT team and graphic design group will customize a personal website.

Media Consultation

Media Consultation is the active development of your media plan, vision, strategy, and overall message. We evaluate your current platform and help you design a blueprint for raising your profile in the meda. 

During our initial consultations with you, we examine your past media experieince, and your overall vision and we determine what action steps need to be taken in the spaces in between.


The following is a breakdown of the areas we work that a media consultation may cover:


BRANDING: A brand is the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected with your product. As a television guest expert, YOU are the product. Our philosophy is to create a distinct yet consistent identity for the Guestpert's overall media package while honoring their mission statement and making sure they can deliver.


BIO: A bio is a one page biography constructed specificially for use as part of your media plan. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your bio, it should be designed by someone who "speaks the language" of the specific target audience.


PRESS KIT: A press kit is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials which usually includes a Demo Reel, articles, reviews, photos, and background information on the person(s). Television show producers are bombarded by thousands of press kits and various other material submissions. In order to ensure that your press kit and materials are most likely to be seen by the producers, during out media consutlations, we can advise you on creating and packaging them in a way that overcomes the unique barriers that exist in television production offices whether electronic or material.


DEVELOPMENT OF CONTENT: We work with our Guestperts to develop their sound-bites, content, and message that creates the most possibilities for getting booked on TV! We often refer to these as Hot Topics. The most underrated yet valuable service as a Guestpert can invest in, learn, and practice is the development of creating sellable speaking points because the currency of the language of bookings is segment topics. The wider an expert's message can be crafted, the broader the chance a Guestpert has in creating and attracting the most possible media requests. Your participation in your own content development is crucial to the outcome of your success in your media career. In addition, we have seen that the creating of content opens up all sorts of unexpected and unforeseen opportunities for the Guestpert. 


*As a Guestpert, we highly recommend that you put "Member of TVGuestpert.com" on your web-site and marketing materials accordingly, as it a media privilage to be a TVGuestpert.