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    FRONT & CENTER WITH JACQUIE JORDAN This is the show where we talk with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact, now "Front & Center. Guests include: David "Avocado" Wolfe (Nutritionist/Author), Kimberly Meredith (Medical Intuitive), & Nadine Artemis (Living Libations).

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    Walking with Anthony

    A mother’s nightmare! On Feb. 6, 2010, Anthony Purcell went for a dive at Miami Beach and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Follow this mother’s inspiring journey that speaks of family, life, charity, and faith and see spinal cord injury victims in a whole new light.

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    Daniel Goodman


    Guestpert Daniel Goodman, financial expert and professional day trader, discusses the effects of Wells Fargo no longer offering personal lines of credit to customers and how it may affect your credit on BNC.

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Jacquie Jordan is a dynamic, female entrepreneur who’s built an eponymous cutting-edge, full service media platform providing in-demand content development, promotion, publishing and visibility training.

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Every Breaking News Story Follows An Arc

This is important to know because depending on your area of expertise, you will know where you will fall in the media requested timeline of appearances. When a tragedy strikes - the first layer...

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Zooming Into the Future of Live Audiences

I'd like to talk with you about an ancient artifact - - called live audiences that used to exist way back before the year 2020. Way back in my network days, I was a talk show...

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Thanks for getting me on Make Me a Millionaire Inventor on CNBC. This will be great exposure for my personal brand. You and your staff have an uncanny way of knowing what I’m a fit for and how to get it booked. During taping, I could also hear your coaching and input whispering in my ear which made me a much better guest/expert. I’m a true believer in TVGuestpert and looking forward to the next booking!

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Pat Pattison

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Ranking went back up to #6 on the top 10 list. 


I am soooo grateful to have had this great experience. And we have sewn 10,000+ seeds and gotten millions of impressions. How amazing! Thank you so much for my best-selling book.

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Darren Campo

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