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What Does Value Mean To You?

The way I make my living is by aggregating opportunity and mitigating rejection for other people. It's packaged under fancy names like Producer, Publisher, and Publicist. I have become a connoisseur of mining connections that help my clients grow their core businesses. When I wrote the 2011 book, Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to Be Your Business Partner, I was politely calling out the very way successful people often sabotage themselves because I have all too often had a front row seat to such events, and have wittingly learned to duck the tail whip that usually follows.

My ability to create success is directly proportionate to my ability to convince others why a particular moment or appearance is going to benefit them. If I can't bring my client on board with that vision, then it doesn't matter how great the opportunity actually is from my own experience.

What creates the biggest disconnect is when pop culture has influenced my client's naivety by giving them pseudo jargon that sounds powerful, but is still inherently useless.

Here are the rants I hear most frequently along with my professional reasoning behind well intended, but not so effective, questions that do and don't effect value.

#1: "How is this going to affect my brand?"

My first pithy response would like to be, "It's not going to effect your brand, if no one knows about your brand."

In my time as a national media expert, I can say that media is not what effects brand name. Stupidity is usually the cause. For example, this past holiday season, Bloomingdale's had to quickly pull a holiday photo ad that said, "Spike your best friend's egg nog when they are not looking." Branding is not effected by the media outlet, rather it's effected by the value of your content - which means that you are in charge and responsible for the value of your own branding, not the media. At the end of what became an incredulous media campaign, Bloomingdale's brand hadn't been stained, and it hasn't even been remembered.

#2:"I am a published author, shouldn't I be getting more media exposure."

Well, that depends on the quality of the book. For one, a published book, is held in higher regard than a self published book for the reason that a published book has been vetted by qualified editors, marketing professionals, and, of course, the publisher. Many national media outlets we work with will not "plug" a self published book for that reason - meaning that a media booking needs to occur for other content merit outside your actual book. In short, some books can be a detriment to your media campaign.

#3: "What is the reach of the show?"

Common vernacular popularized by the measurement of Nielsen Ratings as the measurement of audiences for the value of advertisement placements. Having produced some top notch A-list talent in my life, I have rarely seen an A-lister turn down an interview when they have something to plug. Although a larger audience may seem better on paper, it's more often a quality audience that is more effective in getting the value out of the appearance for your overall goal. And, if a call to action is, for example, to sell books, then talking to an audience of more than 1, should be substantial enough in the desire to get your message out there.

In addition, mass media is still one of the most effective ways of raising the value of expertise and impacting the most people at once. However, with the internet, appearances live longer in a way that these same appearances used to disappear giving more shelf life and value to what used to be - a one hit wonder. How do you quantify the value of an audience of 4 million vs. 400? It depends again, in my opinion, on the quality of your message. Once again, putting you in control and holding you accountable for the value of your branding.

TVGuestpert's Jacquie Jordan discusses protecting your branding: youtube.com/watch?v=8Cmy4gJIJFs&feature=youtu.be

Steve Harvey, Ouch! How to Avoid On Air Errors

Ouch! Steve Harvey! That was one of the most awkward hosting moments I can remember in my career as a television producer and media trainer. Certainly, an awkward moment for all who watched. Awkward doesn't describe the confusion between Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines vying for the title of Miss Universe.

If this unforgettable career blunder can happen to seasoned Emmy Award-winning talk show host, Steve Harvey, where does the on camera skill set leave the rest of us? Oh, we think a blunder like that would never happen to the likes of us? I'm here to say, that we have more at stake for foot and mouth disease than Steve Harvey will suffer. We don't get the same amount of media opportunities to redeem ourselves in the public eye to their forgetfulness. If we are promoting and representing our message, our businesses, our point of view and our reputations, the standard for our performances runs high.

Just knowing the basics is instrumental in handling a television interview. While Steve Harvey was hosting an international live event, the guest interview will usually fall in one of the following categories:


It's exciting to know a producer has called to book you on TV, but do you know what type of interview you are participating in? There are four distinctive types of interviews to know about, without getting caught by surprise. Each type of interview has it's own distinct requirement in terms of your participation.


This is the most typical type of interview that you will see on Charlie Rose, Super Soul Sunday, and "on the couch" with your favorite morning show host. This type of recognizable interview is when a celebrity promotes their movie, you promote your book, or an expert discusses the most recent study. What defines a sit down interview is that it is an in person, in studio, interview with a host facilitating the discussion.

It is not to be confused with a Diane Sawyer 20/20 interview or a Barbara Walters interview which looks like a sit down, in studio interview, but is actually an ENG Interview. (See below for ENG definition). A sit down Interview is often live, if not live to tape. A live to tape interview is treated like it is live, but it is actually pre-recorded; however, no post production/editing will be applied to the show, except for rare instances. And almost never because or for the guest expert's comments which is why you need to mean what you say, say what you mean.


DEMO is short for demonstration. We recognize these segments as cooking segments, fashion segments, beauty product, or techno-gadget segments. Demo segments can be in studio or remote ie. in someone's home kitchen.

Reminder, do not confuse a demo segment with your need to have a demo reel!

We recently sent an expert out to do a demo segment. Since we are in the Los Angeles TV market, we often send people to smaller markets when they are new to being on television. In this case, the booking was in Northern California. We booked the client to do a demo segment on weeds in your backyard that make a great salad. As we pitched it to the producer, it was with the idea we'd show the weeds in a big demo fashion and then, what the weeds would look like when you make up a salad.

The client didn't return our pre-production calls with confidence that she had it covered. We all know this spells trouble. We received her email that she had spoken to the producer the night before for her pre-interview, and that the producer said that bringing a salad was not necessary. This was because the client had no props other than a few weeds. When we watched the show live, the DEMO segment had been reduced to a sit down Interview, losing my client the opportunity for a really good DEMO segment that would have placed her on other like-minded television shows ie. Rachael Ray, etc.


This is the type of box interview you see on Breaking News stories on CNN, HLN, Fox News Channel - where they are talking to an expert that is on location via satellite.

More and more of these interviews are being conducted via SKYPE. The quality of a SKYPE interview is never as clean visually as a satellite interview, but they are much cheaper and immediate. Having booked thousands of Guest Experts on television, being on TV in a SKYPE interview is never an excuse for a guest expert to allow for poor quality, uneven picture, and/or bad lighting. A trained guestpert or trained guest expert will know how to level their SKYPE shot with the size of the host on the set. A trained guestpert will know how to look into the eye of the computer camera and NOT at their computer screen.

While discussing satellite interviews, which I think are the most masterful interviews because very often, you do NOT have real time feedback of personal facial expressions. During a satellite interview, you are often staring directly into a camera with a feedback line in your ear, in an empty room by yourself which means, don't look away from the camera. Don't make funny facial expressions. You may not know when you are on a hot camera.


Finally, the ENG or field interview. Is this type of interview, it usually does not take place in a studio. If it does take place in a studio, it's usually in the likeness of a studio, but it has added features such as b-roll, or host narrative and has been edited through post production which means that your primary interview and what you say, will be chosen after you have been taped. This leaves the guest expert very little control over the final product. Again, this is why, what does come out of your mouth, matters, as you won't have the opportunity to take it back.

According to life coach Lisa Haisha, "Having done dozens of in studio sit down interviews, I managed through the brutal 5 minutes in the hot seat with 20/20's field interview representing my client's reputation due to simply being prepared for this style of interview."

And yes, if you are wondering, you can have a combo interview such as a DEMO INTERVIEW in the FIELD.

SEE THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE ON THE HUFFINGTON POST: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacquie-jordan/steve-harvey-ouch-how-to-avoid-on-air-errors_b_8857166.html

Reality Show Production Companies Provide Networks High-End Casting

Guest contributor examines the starmaking process and traces reality’s roots to daytime talk-show segments - first appeared on The Wrap: http://www.thewrap.com/reality-daytime-talk-show-connection-guest-blog/

When producing daytime talk shows in the late ’90s to the ’00s, we used to produce every genre of pre-dated reality shows in one-hour talk-show formats (46 minutes of actual show time). Topics included: Wishes and Dreams, where — pre-Oprah’s “Favorite Things” — we’d give away a free house or a new car; find a lost love (thank you, Troy Dunn, host of TNT’s “APB”); and arrange meetings with celebrities (even if it was Maury’s wife, news anchor Connie Chung). In 46 minutes we’d give five sets of twins complete makeovers, making a quick change on a Broadway show look like eternity, and we had plenty of stories about little people and paternity tests. Now each topic practically has its own network.

Those segments have spawned a decade and a half of unscripted reality content to the extreme. Some of the folks who came out of the talk-show world to rule the reality world include execs like We tv President Marc Juris (“Rolonda”); Holly Jacobs, SVP of Programming and Development at Sony Domestic Television (“Sally Jesse Raphael”); and A&E and History Channel President Paul Buccieri (“Arthel & Fred”).

“We are all familiar with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. Archetypes are the delivery vehicle for story. Casting can be the most important part of storytelling in film and TV,” said Darren Campo, SVP Programming Strategy Food Network. “Great characters instantly convey a world of emotions and expectations from which the story unfolds.”

When a network sends a mandate out to us at TVGuestpert, or other producers and production companies, the veil is of a story line or range of which practically defines a personality type of person. This has many production companies scouring the country like a large casting call. In fact, sizzles have turned into talent reels.

“It’s all about, ‘Can this character carry a whole show?'” said Jordan Mallari, VP of Development for Stage 3 Productions with such shows as LMN’s upcoming launch of “The Last Goodbye” with medium Rebecca Rosen. “It’s 1) find great, fresh talent and lock them under contract, 2) develop a unique format around them, 3) showcase the talent and format.”

If you are paying close attention, you can spot the next trend. They come in waves of police shows, brides, unusual people, truck stops and diner types, survivalists to psychics. So the question here is: Have we simply become one uber-sized casting department or are we still producing story and television?

“It’s also knowing that the competition from production companies to digital media are doing the exact same thing,” added Mallari, a veteran reality show producer. “We are all looking for the next big name.”

Jacquie Jordan

Jacquie Jordan
- Founder -

Jacquie has produced countless TV shows and been involved in booking, or producing 10,000+ television guests. Jacquie also works with exciting new experts and celebrity clients on their branding, promotion, marketing and development, as well as on-camera skills.

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"The demo reel they made for me opened doors otherwise inaccessible. Their training allowed me to perform well whenever on radio and TV, always being invited back for more. Their press kits are the best I’ve seen in the industry; their growing publishing arm allowed me to publish my magnum opus. They are a class act all the way."

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"Thank you again, Jacquie -- I'm excited to work on clarifying my message and sharing my stories.... 'as a mother of two'."

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"I found your book at our local library and I love it!...Your website is very user friendly, also. I plan to log in and list myself as one of your "TVGuestperts" as soon as I get my 5 finger brand hand together!"

~Sara Tetreault www.GoGingham.com / (Stylishly Frugal Living)

"We never would have believed five minutes could be so profitable! We sold over $40,000 of product after our five minute segment on “Martha”, and we could track re-broadcasts of our segment based on sales to our business for the following year."

~Kimberly and Katherine Corp – Elite Guestpert, On Camera Training Clients

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~Christine Stevens, UpBeat Drum Circles - Media Coaching Client

"I would like to thank you for writing Get On TV!. I'm only on the 4th chapter, but I can say the most needed information bursted out of the pages starting in the 1st chapter. By reading your book, I'm am greatly encouraged that I CAN succeed with much prayer, work, and implementing your tips."

"Thank you so much for sharing the 'wealth of knowledge' with the world, so that everyday people like me, can be better equipped to pitch our project correctly, and LORD willing, have an opportunity to share people's inspirational stories with the world!"

A fan of yours,
Elizabeth Davis

"Jacquie Jordan sends a heartfelt message that we can be strong in business and still come from the Heart. This book represents where business is going – from being a one-track money model to an expression of who we are and one that can help humanity as well."

~Ali Brown, Ali International LLC, millionaire entrepreneur coach

"I recently used an expert who did not come through Jacquie Jordan & even though I prepped her & wrote out her bullet points, the expert did not deliver as we rehearsed. She was thrown off by the host, got confused & looked lost through the rest of the segment. This hasn't happened with experts who come through TV Guestpert."

~TV Producer, CBS Studios, Inc.

"Jacquie ought to know how to get you on TV... she's put half the country on TV.... including me"

~Maury Povich, Television Host

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~Marla Maples Trump, Television Host

"Jacquie has the ability to maintain a fair balance between the voice of the project she is producing and the needs of her guests. By integrating her personal warmth, wit, and ability to get to the heart of an issue, the end result is guaranteed to be a winner."

~John Edward, Television Host, Psychic Medium and author of Crossing Over

"Like many creative types, after finishing my first masterpiece, I had no idea how to begin promoting myself. It was overwhelming and frightening to even think about. I was fortunate enough to meet with Jacquie Jordan at TV Guestpert and read her book, Get On TV!, my goal is no longer to be on Oprah or Ellen DeGenres tomorrow, but I now have a road map to get there and be ready for it. More importantly, I feel like promoting myself can be fun, empowering, and completely possible!"

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