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Post pregnancy fashion: Don’t be afraid to show off your body!

Guestpert : Julia Jolie Category : Women's Issues Tags : women's issue, fashion

Julia Goodman Jolie is a Beverly Hills Fashion & Lifestyle Expert. She is the author of How to be Glamorous on a Budget and Founder of “Julia Jolie Beverly Hills”, her fashion line.

Just like Serena Williams wearing her catsuit at the French Open and being proud of her post pregnancy body, we should never be afraid of Being empowered and showing off our beautiful bodies!

1. Post pregnancy corsets and girdles not only support your post pregnancy healing but also make you look super sexy! They hide perfectly underneath any dress and will get all your girlfriends jealous of how gorgeous you look post baby!

2. High rise compression leggings are perfect for everyday! They are comfy and beautiful at the same time!

3. C section under panties: having pain at your c section incision? You should try c section under panties! The high waist guards the incision area and the compression helps to reduce swelling!

4.Nursing jumpsuits are perfect for working post partum mommies! They look professional, glamorous and have easy access to nurse or pump at work!

5. A-line dresses are perfect to hide the “extra post pregnancy pounds” and still look gorgeous while walking in the park with your baby!

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