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The Changes to the Daytime TV Landscape

Guestpert : Lou Dennig Category : Entertainment & Celebrities Tags : Daytime TV, Television, Changes, Entertainment, Host, Broadcast, Network

Lou Dennig is a highly recognized Executive Producer and Studio Executive with experience managing Current Programs, Development for Syndication and Cable, Local Broadcasting Schedules, Advertising, Promotion, Research and Business Affairs. With four Emmy nominations, Dennig has influenced daytime television in some of the most significant programming content of the last two decades.

Economics - Revenue is way down from 10 years ago; the percentage of station revenue from daytime has fallen from 22% to around 11%.
Stations make their money from News and need strong News lead-ins - Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Jerry and Maury are all aging and aren't going to be around forever.
Replacements are hard to find.
Stations need to create shows where the content can be properly generated with the available resources.

Stations want to take control of their own destiny - they want to end their dependence on Studios for important product.

Why do Court Show continue to work?
The storytelling construct is really appealing - personal stories with good guys, bad guys and stakes - with resolution.
The shows can be produced "low cost, high volume" - far fewer shoot days than a talk show.
They are evergreen and highly repeatable.

Why are Talk Shows so hard to make successful?
They shouldn't be, but studios and station groups have lost sight of how hits are made.
In a world that demands instant success, the quick answer is a celebrity host - Katic Curic, Queen Latifa, Harry Connick, Jane Pauley, Megan Mullally and Jeff Probst all failed.
The $25M to $35M these shows cost is just not sustainable in the current economic environment
Hit shows - Oprah, Donahue, Jerry Springer, Maury are stars grown on Daytime TV - most started small on station groups and were allowed to grow into hits.  We need to get back to that model.