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Health, Fitness, and Beauty

what's hot / Health, Fitness, and Beauty
Katerina Cozias  
The Fight Against Ageism: Physically and Mentally
Guestpert: Katerina Cozias
Category: Health, Fitness, and Beauty

Speaking Point: In our youth obsessed culture, modern day western society leads us believe that we, somehow, expire when we turn 40; like a good bottle of wine left open for too long. We are misled into believing that all our good life experiences end as we get older. What a load of BS!

Speaking Point: As a producer and the host of the morning talk show LA40 (Life After 40), our program aims to destroy that myth by propagating a different message to the generation-X audience “your true, meaningful life starts after 40, because that’s when you’re actually wise enough to do something significant with your life.” There is an incredible opportunity for emergence after the age of 40, and 50, and 60. Gen-Xers especially are now entering their most powerful era: their time to make that impact on the world, their time to fly.

Speaking Point: In the first chapter of our lives, ages 0-39, we learn about ourselves. In the second chapter, the chapter from 40-80, we transform from quiet caterpillars into awe-inspiring butterflies. Martha Stewart, Diane Von Furstenberg and Samuel L. Jackson are just some of the shining examples of people who harnessed the powerful core of who they were and then coupled it with the 40+ years of life experience they had, in order to really produce magic – All of this after hitting that milestone age of 40 (the age where many people feel that their opportunity to shine has already passed them by).

Speaking Point: And, how about the lesser known but highly influential “older people” - Chip Wilson -> Started LuLu Lemon at age 42 - Bob Parsons -> Started GoDaddy at 47 - Bill Porter -> Started eTrade at age of 54 - Vera Wang -> Didn’t strike out on her own until 40, and now has a net worth and fashion empire worth over $400 Million! Entrepreneurs especially get better with age. Workers in their 60’s now a days are in their prime! Do you want to start a food truck? Create a yoga studio? Start a tech start up, but are thinking “It’s too late now” or “I’m too old?” My advise? Tell yourself to get your head out of your behind….

Speaking Point: The biggest hurdle to “aging well” is definitely mental, not physical. Because the physical can much more easily addressed ie: a little nip here, a little tuck there, a new bottle of red hair dye – there are a ton of options for “physical upkeep”. I mean come on now ladies, even after 5 kids, you can still feel young and fresh – all you need is a good plastic surgery experienced in vaginal reconstruction. But before we get to the mental, let’s chat diet.

Speaking Point: As we age, the body begins to slow down causing various aches and nuisances; though minor, they make us more vulnerable to fatigue, fragility, and degenerative maladies. Nevertheless, there is hope. There are particular foods that can assist with counteracting the undesirable effects of aging. These foods are not “miracle cures” against aging; nonetheless, they will improve your general health and vivacity according to the National Institutes of Health, who have been allocating millions of dollars to discover ways of increasing the human lifespan. Top anti aging foods include Blueberries, Avocado, Salmon, Collard Greens, Honey, Nuts and Oysters (bonus: these last ones also help to add a little spice to your love life…)

Speaking Point: Speaking of love life, let’s talk sex. Although Miley Cyrus famously told Matt Lauer she'll probably stop being so sexual when she turns 40 “... because that's the age when people STOP banging…” for anyone over 40, you probably heard that and spit your coffee out of your nose. Because contrary to Miley’s 20-year old view point, maturity typically brings a stronger sense of confidence in self. You know what you like, and you’re not shy about asking for it. And so typically you end up having more free-fun! And why not! If you’re a little older and a little more wrinkly, oh well

Speaking Point: Except of course, if you’re part of the LGBT community. The hyper youth focus of heterosexual society is even more compounded for gay and lesbian people. No matter who we are or how we self-identify, we will all suffer the impact of ageism eventually. But for gay men it’s amplified. Many of them grow up hearing that their bodies, the source of the sexual desire that makes them different, are inherently evil. That’s why, in the years of “gay liberation,” having lots of sex was literally considered a self-affirming act of civil disobedience (just as it was among feminists of the time). They appropriated the stereotypical markers of blue-collar masculinity ? jeans, flannel shirts, buzz cuts, and facial hair ? and flooded gyms to get pecs and abs to exhibit on dance floors.

Speaking Point: Ok, and now finally, let’s address “the mental”. Call in the therapists. Because gay or not, from a very young age, we are bombarded, consciously and subconsciously with messaging that tells us Age = Bad. Although physically we all age, we are not necessarily confined to becoming “old”. Because old is mind-set. So, STOP feeding yourself your own self-limiting beliefs. If you’re 57 and have always wanted to write a book, write a book! Chances are you’ll live comfortably for another 30 years. And won’t you hate to get to the age of 85+ and think wow, 30 years ago I could have, but I didn't….. Personally, I don’t plan to have those kinds of conversations with myself at that age. We need to be saying “Good on you girl! You lived life large and with few regrets”. Because remem

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