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Henderson Cooper  
Celebrity Phone Hacking
Guestpert: Henderson Cooper
Category: Entertainment and Celebrities

Speaking Point: Celebrities are the "other" target in this ever threatened world of today. The lure of exposure, financial gain from blackmail, learning salacious and compromising details or better yet photos/videos, is simply too inviting an opportunity for our "anything for a dollar" society.

Speaking Point: Phones have become to windows into the souls and the life of everyone on the planet. We input all of our important, personal and essential information and data into our phones. We take pictures of ourselves, family, friends and locations that tell a story, true or false, about the lives we live. For unknown reasons, so many of us have this false notion that our phones are safe...at least as long as we have them in our hands. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Speaking Point: First, everything cyber is hack vulnerable. There are no cyber devices, that requires information transfer, as in a radio function for broadcast or moving data from one location to another, or to facilitate across software or aps, that cannot be compromised. Everything can be hacked.

Speaking Point: Celebrities are particularly vulnerable because of the obvious, they represent money. Also, they are of interest to people and attract attention. So many of them use social media that it is fair to say that virtually all are known and easy to follow because of that social media usage. A hacker or cyber stalker has as many choices on who to attack as there are stars in the sky or on the silver screen (TV or movies for those who are too old to understand the silver screen reference!)

Speaking Point: Since security and protection of cyber systems, particularly on phones is so difficult to protect for any time longer than the days following a software update, the bad guys have a constant and readily available source of targets to attack. The moment a patch is released, fixing the old vulnerability, that new patch comes under attack. It is only a matter of a short time period until the attackers find the new flaw or open door.

Speaking Point: Because so many of us use information that is common to us to establish our security phrases and access methods, and celebrities put so much of their information out in the public sector, breaking a code is not that difficult for a reasonably sophisticated attacker. Everyone knows the names of parents of a celebrity, or what school they went to, or the year they graduated, or the name of their favorite pet, etc. Running through the list of possibilities is not going to be difficult.

Speaking Point: When it comes to information that a celebrity would find embarrassing or damaging, their is always the chance that they would rather pay up, then put up a legal fight against the release of that photo, name or incriminating activity.

Speaking Point: If you can hack the phone of the President of the United States, or the CEO of a major international financial institution, getting into the phone of the star of a daytime TV show is not likely to be that hard.

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