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Henderson Cooper  
Kim Kardashian Robbery
Guestpert: Henderson Cooper
Category: Entertainment and Celebrities

Speaking Point: Ask yourself this question; how often do police stations get robbed or attacked? Easy answer, not very often! The Kardashian family is very well known in the world, perhaps more so than the heads of most every country on the planet. They are known for their wealth and media attention. There seems to be no place they go without paparazzi and cell phones recording their every move. We have even seen near or full naked pictures from inside of their residence bathrooms! So here we are today with the recent report of a robbery of Kim Kardashian, at gun point, inside a private apartment in Paris France.

Speaking Point: Could this happen to you or I, yes, but so very unlikely as to be unbelievable. Could, or did this happen to Kim K? Good question. It was reported, so let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. She travels around the world with media attention every day. So we all know where she is going and where she is. She is rich…you may have noticed. She displays her wealth conspicuously. We all know that she carries around expensive clothing and jewelry. So, all these things contribute to the possibility of something happening. But she also always has security. We see them, also conspicuously wearing black clothing and dark sunglasses, at her side, behind and standing around waiting for her next move. We see this, and the bad guys, those who might want to take her jewelry, see this.

Speaking Point: We know from past history that there are experienced and provocative thieves that work the wealthy areas of Europe. Some years back there was the “greatest jewelry heist ever” in which it was reported that the thieves broke into an impossible location an impossible safe, and defeated impossible security systems and personnel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antwerp_diamond_heist

Speaking Point: There are questions unanswered about that crime as well, but it did happen. So the kinds of thieves who might try something like this are out there.

Speaking Point: In the Kardashian case we have to believe that her security guards were either not present or were taken unaware. The most recent reports say that they were off because she was inside her apartment, because the apartment is only used by celebrities and it is not easily accessed. Not comfortable with that explanation. We also are told that the criminals entered while dressed as French Police. Ok, but they still had to access the location. Did they make contact with personnel at the location and were given access by them? Was it a forced entry leaving physical evidence? We are told that the location did not have security cameras because of privacy concerns of the guests. REALLY! The Kardashians? Traveling with expensive jewelry and no surveillance?

Speaking Point: While it is true that I have experienced high-end hotels overseas that had concerns for their guest’s privacy, not one of them eliminated all forms of surveillance. Typically the entries and exits have surveillance. Often the elevators have surveillance, for safety reasons. Parking and street level surveillance is often…no, almost always present. As for parking and street level surveillance, there is no concern for privacy since it is generally in public space. So…what could be the answer?

Speaking Point: The hotel/apartment management are keeping comments to the minimum, citing privacy! The police are investigating and will by policy keep details close hold. Facts are not readily available but questions and doubt are all over the place in abundance!

Speaking Point: Did this happen? Certainly it is possible. But certainly questions have to be raised concerning the likelihood of inside information to facilitate an unusual circumstance like this.

Speaking Point: There is no such thing as a perfect crime. There are always elements of evidence that can be found, witnesses that can be identified and mistakes made by the perpetrators.

Speaking Point: Is Fraud possible or at the least an attempt to get publicity...yes, that and more is possible. But we have little or no facts to work with at this point.

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