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Politics and Government

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Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn  
Presidential Politics or Schoolyard Antics? Parents raising kids: Are Manners obsolete?
Guestpert: Mrs. Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn M.A.
Category: Politics and Government

Speaking Point: The hatred that we see on TV all day every day with the most powerful people in our country is disconcerting. I don’t want to turn on my TV with my daughter around. It is getting harder and harder to teach good manners when those that hold high office can’t play nice. Why is this ok? I’m a life coach and many of my clients are actors and authors who say if they aren’t edgy, they can’t get work. Almost all their roles they get sent on are violent.

Speaking Point: This is what my daughter is taught at her school: 1. Share. 2. Play fair. 3. Say you’re sorry, please and thank you. 4. Clean up after yourself. 5. No hitting. Seriously. 6. Put things back where you found them.

Speaking Point: This year’s presidential election has revealed the exasperating emotional polarity in our country. People are angry. The antagonism is not new. It has always been there to one degree or another. But now it is reaching a critical mass. Donald Trump has opened the door for people to voice publically what they would only say in private. Everyone hating on each other has become a blood sport.

Speaking Point: The Trump factor: Why let facts get in the way of a good resentment? Donald Trump has defied the laws of media gravity. He has denigrated the war record of John McCain, insulted the wives of other candidates, castigated entire groups of people – the Hispanics and Muslims and insulted Maygen Kelly. In the past, statements of this nature would be his demise. This campaign is starting to make Richard Nixon look good.

Speaking Point: People elected to high office have a responsibility to at least make an honest effort at being honest. How do we explain this terrible behavior to our children? Our politicians are behaving like the archetypical Impostors. Off the cuff crude and vulgar remarks are accepted as ‘speaking his mind’. Are we that starved for an authentic soul? Or are we just intellectually lazy?

Speaking Point: What can we tell our children when they see these so called role models on TV that we’re supposed to respect? We’re put in a position to use our highest officials as examples of how NOT to act in the schoolyard; that it’s not nice to judge another on their looks or to insult a family member to hurt them… To not yell and scream to be heard but to discuss things.

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