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Lynn Anderson  
Sex Matters
Guestpert: Dr. Lynn Anderson Ph.D. N.D.
Category: Business and Finance

Speaking Point: A natural approach to enhancing your sex life. In Doctor Lynn's Sex Matters book she will teach you how natural things such as scents, colors, lights, foods and exercise can enhance your sexual mood and performance.

Speaking Point: Did you know a little pepper on your food can build sexual stength?

Speaking Point: Pinks and oranges are the shades of sex.

Speaking Point: Spray your sheets with aromatherapy oils such as ylang ylang.

Speaking Point: Cobra pose in yoga strengthens the pelvic area or the sacral which is the seat of sexuality.

Speaking Point: Did you know that chocolate produces PEA the molecule of love?

Speaking Point: What's a great natural aphrodisiac? Humor!

Speaking Point: What do you feed the sex brain? Potassium.

Speaking Point: Did yu know that 20 minutes of good sex can burn 160 calories?

Speaking Point: The greatest aphrodisiac is your attitude.

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