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Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn  
“Honey-dos”: Ways to get your partner to do/remember household tasks using new technology
Guestpert: Mrs. Lisa Haisha-Aronsohn M.A.
Category: Technology

Speaking Point: Over 6,005,000,000 post-it notes are sold every year, but how effective have they been for you and your partner as reminders? If you’re anything like me, the post-it notes are less than effective. Yes, It’s hard enough reminding ourselves of the extensive to-do’s on our own list, let alone the delegated list that we require our significant other to accomplish. With this in mind, technology offers us a ample opportunities to streamline our lives, if we can just make time to learn how to use them!

Speaking Point: Entertain them into action! No one like doing chores, and people like being nagged even less, so I make it a point to make it as painless as possible and add a little humor to the process. E-card websites like www.JibJab.com is a website that allows you to easily send hilarious animated messages to your partner that will take the edge off. It really puts the “friendly” into your friendly reminders.

Speaking Point: Use what they know: Everyone has a system— whether that system works or not is the bigger question, but many of us have the tools to remind us of our goals right under our nose and we don’t even realize it! A good portion of the population (and most likely your partner) have a smart phone with a slew of apps that come with the phone itself for reminders and calendar bookings. Apps like the iPhone’s Siri allows you to simply tell it to remind you to do something! If there are items that I need to remind my husband about, I simply take his phone and tell Siri to remind me (really him) to call the plumber at 2pm, pick up our daughter at 3:30pm, grab groceries at 3:45pm, etc. He’s grateful for the reminder, and I’m grateful he remembered to charge his phone before he left home!

Speaking Point: K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid): Long lists are often intimidating (especially to men, I’ve found), so adding a visual element to your to-do’s can make the tasks seem reasonable and painless. Apps like Google Keep adds a “Pinterest” feel to your items by color-coding them, alternating their sizes, and adding check boxes to them inside each quadrant. There’s no question that this simplifies the brain’s ability to differentiate one task from the next, and add “breathing room” to the process.

Speaking Point: Go big or go home: Do you and/or your partner run a business? If so, you may speak a language where reminders would be suited for a business mindset. If that’s the case, www.Basecamp.com has helped millions of users run their business smoothly and efficiently. The fully inclusive app, which is really the entire website, has email reminders, calendars, categorizable to-do lists, and hundreds more tools to choose from. If you like running your home like a business, this is the program for you!

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