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Alex Detail’s Revolution, by Darren Campo, featured in the Teen Choice Awards 2013 Celebrity Gift Bags on August 14th, 2013.

Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, by Eve Michaels, featured in the Celebrity Gift Bags for NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night”.


Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing is always looking for great new books. Of course, we must be selective; our company and our clients enjoy success in large part due to Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing and its parent company, TVGuestpert's, excellent reputation. However, we welcome all submissions and encourage first-time writers to send in their work. We accept submissions in all stages from proposals to printed books; see our submission guidelines below or our FAQ for more information. Once we receive a submission, our review team carefully evaluates every book submission and will contact you with the results.

To consider your book for Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing's services, we require the following items:

  1. A book submission. This can come in the form of a proposal, a manuscript, an advanced reader’s copy, or a finished book. You may email your submission to submissions@JacquieJordanIncPublishing.com with the subject line "Electronic Submission." (Note that it is helpful to our review committee to see as much of the manuscript/content as possible.)
  2. If your book has already been published and you are reaching out to Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing for distribution or repackaging services, please send a hard copy to the address below:
  3. Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing
    Attention: Submissions
    11664 National Blvd., #345
    LA, CA 90064
  4. A submission form. You can fill out our submission form by downloading the .PDF here and fax it back to us at 310-868-2575.

Although not required, you may also include:

  • A promotional or marketing plan
  • Additional biographical information about the author (a bio is required in the submission form)
  • Reviews, endorsements or advanced praise
  • Sales histories or information on previous titles

We will send you an email to confirm receipt of your submission once it has begun the review process. Our review committee will evaluate your project's potential viability, and one of our consultants will contact you with the results of our review in about 4 to 6 weeks. If you have any questions about Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing or TVGuestpert Media Services, or any other of our services, or our submissions procedures please refer to our submissions FAQ or our comprehensive list of rates and services.

For additional questions, please email us at submissions@JacquieJordanIncPublishing.com or call 310-584-1504 and ask to speak with a book consultant.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission does not guarantee acceptance into Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing or any of its divisions ("JJI"). In the event that you do submit any remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, data, names, text, addresses, phone information or other information or materials (collectively, "Submission Materials"), you agree that all Submission Materials shall become the sole property of JJI and will not be returned. Submission Materials will be used for review purposes only to determine whether your project will be accepted by JJI. After JJI performs its review of the Submission Materials, the Submission Materials may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of at JJI's sole discretion. JJI will not treat any Submission Materials as confidential or proprietary and will not incur any liability as a result of any similarities that may appear in other books published by JJI.


Q: Why should I publish with Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing?

A: First, we are competitive and quicker in our publishing program which gets a finished manuscript to bookstore shelves along with an aggressive marketing strategy for the author in six months. In addition, Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing succeeds by operating within a cutting edge paradigm. Our publishing model is a combination of traditional publishing with its prestige, credibility and distribution, yet moves at a rate of speed that is akin to self publishing programs yet, our business model does an unheard of 50/50 net split between Publisher and Author.

Q: How does Jacquie Jordan Inc Publishing handle distribution?

A: This is the chicken and the egg question! Historically, the strongest barrier between independent authors and big sales has been distribution. As a result of the media work that TVGuestpert.com (Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing's parent company) has succeeded in creating, TVGuestpert took their business model to national distributors who were frustrated with the outdated marketing models of some of the traditional publishing houses. In addition, the distributors were feeling the fast tide turning that has confronted the publishing industry over the past decade. As a result, these national distributors saw the agile ability of TVGuestpert to market books and authors in the media marketplace that was both refreshing and viable. As a result, Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing's authors enjoy their books in brick and mortar book stores including Barnes and Nobles, as well as the likes of, the electronic frontier of Kindle, Nook, and Audibles.com. It is Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing's commitment to allow expert content to make the biggest impression in the media marketplace, serve the vision of the author (which may exceed just the publishing of the book), and compete with the big publishing houses in an innovative way which is the core of our business.

Q: What do I need to do to be considered for Jacquie Jordan Inc.'s Publishing Services?

*Submission of a manuscript, book proposal, or one sheet.
*A completed Jacquie Jordan Inc. Submission form.

We ask the author also consider the following:

  • *Their overall goal and vision for having a book published.
  • *Their budget.
  • *Market research on their book placement and competitive edge.

Q: What format do you accept for submission? Can I send in... An electronic copy?

A: An electronic .PDF can be sent of book proposals or one sheets; however, the submissions department requires hard copies to be mailed of galleys and manuscripts.

Email: submissions@JacquieJordanIncPublishing.com

Mailing Address:
Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing
11664 National Blvd., #345
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Q: What qualities does Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing look for in a submission?

A: Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing is looking for expert stories that can make an impact in the media marketplace. We are favorable to "How To" books and personal stories of success from a personal or professional journey that will engage a reader and inspire and audience.

Q: Will Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing let me know if my book is accepted or not?

A: Yes, our submissions department will notify the Author by email within 4-6 weeks of submission.

Q: What is the review process?

A: After the Author has filled out the submissions form and sent the appropriate material, our in house editorial team along with our media department of TVGuestpert considers whether or not, we are the company that can successfully launch this book and its author into the media marketplace.

If it works for our in house team, we then take the process to our sales team to garner their input. They are the force that is on the ground working with the wholesalers, retailers, and the customer from various parts of the country that offer a unique perspective that our in house office must weigh.

Q: If my book is accepted, what are the next steps?

A: Our publishing team will schedule a phone or Skype meeting to review Author choices and selections. An Author should have read through Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing and TVGuestpert.com Rates and Services to best take advantage of their choices and options.

Q: Why would my book be declined by Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing?

A: Since our parent company is TVGuestpert.com, our spin on the publishing industry is quite different than many other publishers. We look at the Author's ability to promote the book and the message of the book, as well as the content of the book.

With this said, in order to maintain the integrity of our success of the company here at Jacquie Jordan Inc. Publishing, we must be honest in knowing that we have the resources to take on books that are in alignment with the successful launches we do best.

Simply said, we need to be the right fit.