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Jacquie has produced
countless TV shows and been
involved in booking, or
producing 10,000+ television
guests. Jacquie also works
with new experts and exciting talent
on their branding, promotion,
marketing and development,
as well as on-camera skills.
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When we place the Jacquie Jordan Inc. logo on a Guestpert’s profile, it is because Jacquie Jordan Inc. has produced their demo reel. It’s a special seal of approval that lets the producers know the distinction between demo reels produced by Jacquie Jordan Inc. and demo reels not produced by Jacquie Jordan Inc. on the TVGuestpert site.

Books Published By Jacquie Jordan Inc.

The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read
Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy
NINETEEN: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life
Alex Details Revolution
Alex Detail's Rebellion
Jacquie Jordan
Jacquie Jordan is the founder of Los Angeles, California based TVGuestpert.com. TVGuestpert.com is a media development company primarily responsible in raising the profile of each guest expert and thereby growing the business and brand of each client.
Jacquie’s foray in talent comes from her time in the trench as a nationally recognized producer in broadcast television.
Get on TV
Getting on TV has never been easier, if you know how. Getting on TV can mean a stream of new PR and profit for your business or career, it can raise your profile, or get your message out. Jacquie Jordan has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. In Get on TV! she brings her expert advice straight to the entrepreneurs, self-promoters, experts, authors, and ordinary folk looking to land a television spot. Jordan shows them the ins and outs of the TV business, and what they need to do to get booked (and asked back), including:
The importance of tape and materials
Speaking the language of the
television producer
Being persistent without being
What to do when you're booked and cancelled
How to get asked back again and again

Short and inexpensive, Get on TV! gives readers the info they need quickly, so they can get out and get on the air! Also included in this book, a list of all television outlets and a lexicon of the language.

"Jacquie Jordan is that rare guru who is both a PR insider and a TV insider. This book is short on theory and long on the exact and precise steps you need to take to get on TV, and, more important, get invited back repeatedly.
Jordan demystifies the process for beginning TV experts by showing them how to succeed and yet Get on TV also contains enough advanced tips and insider nuance to make the most grizzled media mavens feel like they've learned something new. Get on TV is an important part of my media and PR library."

~TJ Walker,
Official Trainer
for the Miss
and Author of
Training A-Z

As Showrunner of the long running AMC’s inside the entertainment industry series Sunday Morning Shootout, hosted by Hollywood Icons - Chair of Mandalay Entertainment, Peter Guber and Editor-in-Chief of Variety, Peter Bart, Jacquie made the entertainment industry connections of a lifetime. Celebrity guests included the cream of the Hollywood crop from Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood to Peter Jackson and Dustin Hoffman.
Simultaneously, as Executive Producer, Jacquie launched the copy-cat formula of Shootout for the TVGuide Channel, Square-Off with a focus on the television industry hosted by Andy Wallenstein of the Hollywood Reporter and Brian Lowry of Variety. Again, Jacquie vetted the best the industry had to offer – from NBC head Ben Silverman to known television stars like Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon.
Jacquie has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. Her reign has come from successfully launching and executing many syndicated daytime programs and cable shows on time and under budget.
Known for her ability to find the heart of any story, Jacquie garnered her second daytime Emmy nomination for Best Show on Donny & Marie (Sony Pictures Television). She started her own boutique production company and media consulting firm under the Jacquie Jordan, Inc. banner with the primary mission to educate, enlighten, and entertain with the highest level of integrity.
With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with a committed group of new and exciting talent on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development, as well as their on-camera skills through her online media company.
As a successful national seminar leader and trainer of innovative and informative seminars like Getting Your Idea, Product, or Story on TV; Be Your Own Publicist & Think Like A Producer; Pitch the Producers and Pitch Your Project, Jacquie has been recognized by the industry with charitable support given to such causes as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Montel Williams MS Foundation, Project Cuddle, The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, and Healing the Children of California.
Jacquie began her career in radio as a local disc jockey, then news reporter. By the age of 24, she sold her first television program by knocking on the doors of New Jersey cable stations and self syndicating a nightly news format. After taking to the airwaves, she went on to become an on-air reporter for the local station WMBC-TV in the NY ADI market and hosted several public affairs programs. Her voice has been heard on many radio commercials including Dunkin’ Donuts and Ace Hardware.
Jacquie is the author of Get on TV! The Insider’s Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself! (Sourcebooks 2006) and Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner (BurmanBooks 2010). Jacquie is a contributing author to Love Like God (Absolute Love Publishing) and Making it in High Heels 2: For Future Leaders and Role Models (BurmanBooks.) She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Feedback Magazine, cover of Woman’s World Magazine. As a commentator on television regarding the business of the industry and pop culture, Jacquie’s appearances include Fox Reality, Good Day New York, Fox, ABC Family, CBS’s Big Shot Live, TV Guide Channel, CBS Evening News, Sacramento and Company Morning Show, FX and countless radio shows. She can also be heard and seen weekly on NewsPress Radio/KZSB 1290 AM Santa Barbara and Sony’s Blip.TV. Jacquie is a graduate of the University of Delaware, with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in theater. She currently resides in Los Angeles.