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Thomas   Thomas Gagliano MSW, C-MAT, BACHELORS
Author of "The Problem Was Me"

Social Work, Business, Relationships, Couples, Self-Improvement, and Addiction


Tom holds a Master’s degree in social work, bachelor’s degree in business, and a C-MAT certificate. Tom attributes most of his expertise and wisdom, however, to his life experiences.

“I believe that experience and expertise go hand in hand.”

As a young man, Tom became a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record in small business ventures in the greater New York area. About 20 years ago, Tom started to spend less time in the business world and more time helping those who suffered, as he did, from negative childhood messages.

Tom's expertise is teaching a methodology which has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and parents build healthier relationships with themselves and each other.

Tom's early experience, overcoming his own issues, revealed the process for self-improvement. These issues began in childhood when he turned to bullying as an outlet; and as an adult, towards addiction. He sabotaged the intimate relationships in his life. He then realized he had to fix the damage within himself in order to fix the damage he caused in his relationships.

He is a regular on many radio networks and on the TBN television network. He is the best-selling author of “The Problem Was Me”, with Dr. Abraham Twerski, and “Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper: The clean up cost can last a lifetime."