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Henderson   Henderson Cooper

Police, Crime, Investigations, Detective, CIA Covert Operations, Personal Security, Cyber Security, Personal and Corporate Risk Management, Narcotics, Law Enforcement, Robbery, Homicide, Burglary, Sexual Assault, Auto Theft, Surveillance,, Intelligence, Tactical Opeations


Henderson Cooper, or "Coop" as he prefers to be known, began his career of service after graduation from UCLA. After graduation he spent a brief time working for an iconic music industry company in the corporate world, but then followed his heart, joining the Los Angeles Police Department. During his career with the Department he began working a special assignment with Military Special Operations (U.S. Naval Special Warfare) in training support. Sometime later, after 9/11 he retired from LAPD when he was recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency.

When Coop retired from LAPD he was a Supervisor with over twenty years experience in law enforcement. His career path went from raw recruit, progressing to patrol duties, earning assignments to several task forces and going undercover in narcotics investigations. During the later years Coop attended the Drug Enforcement Agency Academy to be trained as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst.

His other assignments included being selected to an elite unit tasked with Terrorism Intelligence for LAPD. His first role was as an Analyst in Middle East Terrorism. Later, he was selected to be the lead Terrorism Detective on ME affairs.

It was after his tour in terrorism investigations that he was selected to a coveted position at Narcotics Division, Field Enforcement Section where he managed two different teams of Detectives, one doing investigations and the other tactical operations. Later, he was asked to supervise an Intelligence Unit at the departments Major Crimes, Narcotics Intelligence Network. This unit collected and collated all narcotic information as gathered by investigators in the field and liaised with other law enforcement agencies to de-conflict operations in the field.

Coop's experience as a Detective included working each of the basic assignments, including, Robbery, Homicide, Burglary, Sexual Assault and Auto Theft. He was also assigned as the Sergeant of a Gang Crimes unit reporting to Detectives.

Two of the mentioned assignments included Task Forces with the Drug Enforcement Administration, working the Intelligence Unit at the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) and the FBI’s Terrorism Task Force.

Post 9/11, while on a support assignment with the U.S. Navy, working in a training post with their SEAL teams, Coop was recruited into a covert operations unit for the CIA. Coop was a direct contract hire supporting intelligence operations in the Global War on Terrorism.

His responsibilities included training U.S. and Foreign Intelligence personnel.

This job afforded him the opportunity to experience extensive world travel. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it was mostly to war zones or area considered hostile/denied areas/countries. These included several Middle East, Africa, Asia, South American, Eastern European and on rare occasions, Western European and Scandinavian countries.

Today Coop is working on a book "Your Situational Awareness 101" along with a companion Seminar Series and YouTube/Blog, all under the same name. His focus today is on completing the publication of his book and being of service to society. This service takes the form of presenting Seminars, Personal Training and group sessions for corporations on personal awareness and security issues. He remains President of Cooper Consulting International and a Consultant for Escape the Wolf, LLC. Both are organizations specializing in Risk and Crisis Management, Cyber, Corporate and Personal security operations. He is a member of the national and local Association of Former Intelligence Officers. Coop's private industry clients include very well known Fortune top 1-100 executives and leading companies in America.

Coop graduated from UCLA in Political Science/Political Theory and is a former student athlete and coach at UCLA. He was also a member of national championship UCLA Track and Field teams.