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The Real Purpose of Parenting: The Book You Wish Your Parents Read
Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy
NINETEEN: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life
Alex Details Revolution
Alex Detail's Rebellion
Christy   Christy Whitman

New York Times Bestselling Author, Creator of the Enlightened Kid Program, Life Coach, Transformational Leader, CEO and founder of Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM

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 Mantras that empower you to greatness
 Set Your Goals Without Setting a New Year's Resolution
 How to Fake It Till You Make It
 What to do if you have been ghosted
 Is Mental Health Important?
 Overworked and Overwhelmed?
 What IS "having it all" and what is in NOT?
 Should couples have goals in their relationship?
 Did Cinderella Have It All?
 Super Bowl Ads showing how to have it all?
 How to establish firmer boundaries and avoid getting dragged into other people’s problems.
 Living in a Highly Competitive Society
 Why so many women feel dissatisfied with their life?
 Do your friends shame you for your choices?
 When People, Strangers or Friends Criticize Your Parenting
 Can Women REALLY Have It All?
 Guided Imagery, Vision Boards, etc. Do they work and why?
 Pinnochio Parenting: What is it? Is it good or bad?
 the Challenges of making friends in your 40s/50s
 What to do when positive affirmations don’t work. Why don’t they work for everyone?
 Should parents reward their kids’ good grades with money? What are some other alternatives?
 What advice can you offer parents for dealing with children who hit?
 Potty Training "Boot Camps" are they good or bad?
 Developmental Milestones in Children
 Was Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy a bit over the top?
 There is a small window of oppotunity with our children.
 Kim Kardashian’s Aunt: 'Her Body Has Ballooned' - She is pregnant
 Tips for dating after divorce
 How to change your financial personality
 How to teach children to think positive and feel good
 How do you teach your kids gratitude? The best tips for avoiding “the gimmies” and getting kids to say thanks?
 Are kids growing up too fast?
 Kids going to the movies
 Different Parenting Styles
 Step Parents!
 Moms/Dads With Older Kids
 New Moms
 Developing healthy study habits in teens
  How to stay sane, and not gain weight, during the holidays
 Teaching Toddlers About Money
 How to engage your child in greener living
 Destructive Toddler Habits
 Does spanking really lead to mental illness?
 Mom, how do you control the clutter?
 The best time to begin positive parenting techniques is when your child is young.
 Does Your Child Have Fears based on the News?
 Is having a mentor important to your career advancement and how do you get one?
 The Healing Process of Anxiety
 Enlightened Kid Program: How it helps with the experience of family vacation or travel and the benefits.
 Why did Junior Seau commit suicide? Why do people in general commit suicide? It hurts so many people. What can we learn from this? How does someone, like a mom, or child move on with their lives?
 Do you know really successfuf people have certain rituals they do to be successful?
 Navigating personality differences in a marriage.
 Tips for how to get what you want in life!
 Ashley Judd: Her Puffy Face
 Anti-Bullying Campaigns Create More Bullying
 Do bitches really get what they want?
 Has Demi Moore Lost Her Way?
  Tame that Alpha Bitch!
 How to deal with Competitive Moms
 Do you have a controlling mom?
 Being an Alpha Bitch Can Sabotage Your Diet
 Attention Men: how to handle your woman when she's being an Alpha Bitch You may respect that she’s an Alpha Bitch in the workplace, but do you really want to live with one at home?
 Competition in reality shows and how affects friendships.
 Female Competition in the workplace
 Is it OK For Mom's to have a favorite child?
 Do you really need diplomas, degrees, or years of experience to succeed in life?
 Being an Alpha Bitch is toxic to your health... and the health of those around you!
 Are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman the role models women want to be looking to?
 Did the participation in 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' contribute to Russell Armstrong's death?
 Are you depressed, because America is in an economic depression?
 The motherhood penalty
 Oprah and the Girlfriend Experience
 Is Giving Your Child "The Best Advice" the answer to prevent Suicide?
 Bullying: The Chain of Pain
 The Celebrity and Suicide: What is the price of fame?
 Suicide: America's Dirty Little Secret
 So you can lose weight! But can you keep it off?
 Tired of Attracting The Wrong Clients?
 Can You Create Your Ideal Health With The Law of Attraction?
 What is the Price of Winning the Oscar?